First time clipping in!

I could bore you with yet more injury woes and tales of an Ironman in training with zero weekly mileage but I won’t. Instead you can have a laugh at this.

I took delivery of my new pedals at the weekend and after getting triathlon shoes (Shimano TR52) I had all that was necessary to get clipped in and get that extra 20% of power everyone had been saying you’d get.

I decided to put the pedals on my road bike. This is the 2nd hand one not the new one I’m yet to get delivery of!

This was a good decision, as if as everyone says, you fall off then damaging a bike that you’re not that protective over is better than a brand spanking new one!

After a struggle with getting the old pedals off helped by a trip to DIY store for a spanner of which I had to guess the size required I was screwing the cleats into my new shoes.

Not having a clue about the positioning I just matched the shape of the cleats with the bottom of the shoe and thought id adjust when I’d got a feel of it.

I first clipped in on one side and while stationary made sure I could clip out. This was successful though it was tough to clip out. I noticed an Allan key adjustable bolt on the cleat with a + and – on which I took to be adjustment of pressure required to clip in and out. Not one to read instructions (as I’m a bloke) I guessed this correctly.

Now to save myself from dying I’d decided to ride the bike along the path in between the houses where I live which are lined by grassy bits so if I were to fall off I could maybe direct myself to there and get a soft landing.

That’s the theory. Now you may have noticed that I’d omitted to say I tried the left side cleat for clipping out. This is because I didn’t as I got distracted in adjusting the spring tension. So here I was cycling, clipped in and testing if I could clip out. I was fine on the right but my left was tricky.

This is where I got my first taste of falling off. I’d stopped to check the left cleat as it seemed to be moving. So I’d clipped out of the right with the idea to keep the left one in and see what it was doing. As I’d clipped out it was ok to stop on then path. WRONG! I’d forgotten, or rather it hadn’t occurred to me that I needed to be leaning the right way. Instead I’d leant to the left instinctively and as I had my left foot clipped in I fell over. Stationary. In front of two women walking their dogs.

Pride and hip hurting the old lady shouted ‘are you ok?’ I replied dignified ‘ yes thankyou. I meant to do that!’ no idea why is said that as no one means to fall over really but I did. Even bigger tit of myself!

Well that’s my account of learning to clip in. Needless to say I fixed the cleat and the rest is history.

Except riding back I totally got stuck in my cleats and for the life couldn’t clip out. So I kept on riding, called Andy to come and help. He had to catch me as I slowed and had to hold the bike and me upright while I fought to get free.

Cause: I didn’t tighten the cleat onto the shoe properly! doh!

Oh well lessons learned I’ll try again! Maybe on a road next time :-/

3 responses to “First time clipping in!

  1. I was fine my first time going clipless, for me it wasn’t until a couple weeks later while @ a busy intersection that I took my first tumble… I was just glad I didn’t get ran over

  2. Chuckle. All sounds very familiar. The worse one for me was forgetting to unclip as I stopped at a very busy roundabout and fell over in front of all the traffic. What was more embarrassing was I couldn’t get my feet out of the pedals initially and just lay there in a helpless heap on the road and held all the traffic up with Scott saying ‘Mum – move!’ I still unclip one foot (the left) in favour of the other one!

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