Testing testing one two three run!

So this evening will see me complete my 2nd test run. Allowed by the Physio to see if the injury is healing. Last Monday was my first test run of 4 weeks of Physio and it wasn’t good.

1km in, just 5 mins of running I got the pain in the leg again. This time though I’ve got my leg strapped and have done since Tuesday. Although not a believer of this tape I’m optimistic that the rest I’ve had and the stretching will have had some benefit.

Let’s hope so! Otherwise I’m gonna start getting desperate.


I managed to get about 2km in without any pain and up until that point I felt OK in the knee region which is about 1km longer than Monday’s test run.

I did pop some ibuprofen beforehand which was probably a bad idea as I have no commonality between test runs but I managed to get around the 4.75km course. The pain was manageable after that but again it might have something to do with the ibuprofen and I stopped twice to stretch. It’s not great and I’m not sure if the strapping of Kinesio tape has done anything. The jury is out there. The pain wasn’t in the EDL this time but definitely on the outside of the knee.

When I got back I did some core exercises, the plank, side planks and did some squats. And iced the knee.

I’m going to remain positive about this.

I think I will also plan on doing the sprint triathlon on Sunday that’s if I don’t end up a cripple once the ibuprofen wears off.

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