Quick update, still just a swimmer :(

Still not running, not even been cycling in an attempt to give my leg the rest it needs.  In doing so, my IT band seems to niggle along its length and the front of the calf ain’t happy either.  My right knee was giving me jip last week under the knee cap though that pain seems to have gone now. 

What’s wrong with me?  I don’t know.  Dr has referred me to a knee specialist which should take years to come through so I may go private, funds willing. 

Though I will be swimming, I fear my fitness has gone on the downward spiral. 

2 responses to “Quick update, still just a swimmer :(

  1. Hang in there! You won’t lose as much fitness as you think. Focus on strength and core work that doesn’t involve your injury. It’s technically off-season now so try not to fret too much!

  2. Totally agree with the above comment. As long as you keep swimming and doing some strength and core stuff you will soon get your fitness back when you start back. It seems much longer than you think it is since you stopped regular training. Don’t forget to chase the Dr’s about the specialist referral again tomorrow!

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