Injury bench. Continued rest

Three months or there abouts on the injury bench and counting. Reaching this ironman target is going to be tough now that the MRI scan came back Ok and that the consultant recommended rest. I’ve been resting I tell them but no luck. If anything I feel the injury is worse than when it started. Rather than being limited to the IT band at the knee when running the past month / 6 weeks top of shin and side of leg seems to be the pressure points even when walking

I’m at a loose end with what is wrong. Certainly the consultant was at odds with it as neither he nor my GP could give a definitive diagnosis.

Rest they say, but if the simple persist of walking, of which I do quite a bit seems to aggravate it then surely I should be put in a cast and made to not move or put pressure on my leg?

They don’t seem to want to propose this method of healing, and in any case I sometimes feel that keeping my leg in one position seems to do more harm than good for example when sitting down at my desk at work it can often flare up with pain.

All in all there is no quick fix. I’m not 100% sure it is ITband syndrome anymore. And if it isn’t then what is it?

Who knows.

In other news I’m now a qualified Level 1 UKCC Triathlon coach. This allows me to do very little but coach groups pre- designed sets provided by British triathlon. Hopefully ill be able to help others with this and maybe get some pleasure out of that.

I’ve not give up yet on the IM this Aug but it’s becoming less of a reality.

5 responses to “Injury bench. Continued rest

  1. Being sidelined is always the hardest part. It is great you could sit down and take a moment to share it on your blog. It will make others in your situation (now or in the future) feel less alone when they read how you recover over time… and you will.

  2. Congrats on passing your coaching course – I knew you would! Re only coaching sets from triscotland that is not strictly true. As long as a higher level coach is either there or has seen what you are intending to coach you can coach your own stuff. The turbo sets I coach on a Tuesday are all my own work as are some of the swim sets I do when Rob is away.

    Re IM UK – if you think for one moment I am going to Bolton without you, you are badly mistaken. You are doing it even if you have to limp round! 😉

  3. I truly understand your pain. I am going through similar at the moment. The Physio said I am good to swim and cycle. I have swim but cycling is a step too far. What was thought to be a not too serious issue just does not feel right as I am feeling additional pain, as with yourself, just sitting at my desk. Seeing the Physio on Thursday again.

    Best of luck with your progress. I will be following.

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