Test run

While the swim training continues to go well and my weekly mileage in cycling is increasing my running has been non existent, apart from the odd sprint for the bus.

That was until Thursday night when I decided it was time for a run to test out the leg and injury.

It wasn’t pain free nor did I have any expectation of a good run but it was time to test it out.

I duly put on the trainers, and the running gear and headed out to warm up while the garmin warmed up to finding satellites.

Off I went at a steady pace, consciously not going fast and maintaining good form.

1km in, pain free. 2km pain free. 8 weeks ago when I did my last test it was here where the ITB related pain started.

My mind was constantly on my knee. There was no other thoughts running in my mind apart from where I was running. I didn’t want to go too far from home in case I couldn’t make it back.

3km mark, could I have actually recovered? Too much hope at this stage.

4km and I was doing fine, yeah I was struggling to keep my breath and my calves were in pain but there was no knee pain.

Ended up doing 5km and that was time to stop.

After the run there want any side affects apart from tired legs.

The next day my calves were killing and my inner quads. The next day, I could feel a tightening in the ITB. This wasn’t good news. This sort of pain hadn’t been felt in a while. Not good news and probably going to set me back again.

Though after weeks of rest I’m going to do the opposite and see if I can continue running twice a week for no more than 3km just to see what happens. What’s the worst that could happen?

One response to “Test run

  1. Did you continue to stretch on the days after the run? I think there would be some tightening anyway just because you have done no running. It could be ‘normal’. Fingers crossed anyway. And you know that I think 5km was too far for your first run back! 😉

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