Taper – One Week To Go – Ironman UK

One week to go.

That’s 7 days.

That’s scary.

Today I just completed my final big day of the taper period. I swam about 1.5kms, and cycled for 2 hours which was about 50kms and then I ventured on a wee run, you know, to test the running out. With 3 months of running rest in me, you’d think that my ITB injury and the knee injury had gone? Well guess what? Mr ITB injury is still there blighting every step I take beyond 2kms.

So, one week eh? There will be no miracles come race day, I will and expect to get the injury when running the marathon. I expect to be in pain from the get go, I don’t expect to finish the bike without some sort of pain.

Grit my teeth and carry on. The other half is worried that I may make permanent damage and this would be bad. Of course, I am worried about this as well. It’s a risk I’m taking.

Race day: The strategy,

Swim, avoid the punch up, get into a smooth rhythm and find my own bit of water

T1, take it easy, walk through, tape the knee,

Bike, take it easy, try to keep to av 22kmph, spin on the hills, eat every 45mins, drink every 5km

T2, take it easy, walk through, put some anti chaf stuff on!

Run, attempt to run 16km non stop, steadily, average pace 5:30. then walk/run each out and back loop.

Based on today’s 4.4km jaunt, I’m not sure if running 16km in the first instance is going to be likely or not. I felt a bit terrible on today’s run, the first (Apart from the odd sprint for the bus) since running at loch ore and before that, well a few months basically. I had stitches, I had aches, my ITB flared up and it wasn’t good. It is going to be painful. But i will have 6.5hours to do it in, so fingers crossed. I hope I make the run. It would be disappointing if I don’t.

As usual here are some photos of today’s taper swim and ride.







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