2014 to 2015

This year marked my running comeback, after the detour into triathlon, though not after doing 2 triathlons in the first half of the year.  The blog took on its original title “RunSpudRun” from the “Glenn’s Road to Ironman” and I’ve steadily been increasing my running.

I took time to review my goals for 2014 and see if I managed to do any, and thankfully I have.  I didn’t really set any goals as such, but I did want to become injury free and wanted to get into running.

I had an amazing race at the Slateman, a completely impromptu race and fantastic weekend.  I then set myself the goal to get an awesome time at Aberfeldy Middle Distance.

My re:entry into running races also was a high point achieving a 1:29 in Aviemore and then a sweet run at a trail series, Foxtrail at Dunbar.

So 2015 sees me entering the marathon distance again with a stretch goal of 3:15. I would also like to do well with these running tail races and also I will be entering the 7 hills of Edinburgh again – a nemesis race that got me injured in the first place!

I may well enter a few other races but not yet decided. Watch this space!

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