Week 1 Marathon Training

So this was the week I came out and said I was aiming for 3:15 in the marathon this year.  I’m hoping to do this at Edinburgh at the end of May and here is my weekly round of up how training went.

I have to say that I’m really enjoying the training plan, 1, for actually having a plan, and 2, for being able to do the plan for a whole week.  The two interval runs were tough, as you would expect, but I’m also carrying that little bit of winter weight that will need to deplete over the next few weeks – as soon as all this Christmas Chocolate has been eaten!

The easy runs, were in fact easy and fun, and the fartlek run was also fun, though longer than I’d planned.  I also quite enjoyed the cool down elements of the plan, making sure that I’ve got at least 5 mins left so I can walk home instead of running to the door.

My favourite part of the training week was today though.  The long run was set to be 1:15 at an easy pace.  I decided to deviate slightly from the plan as I want to learn to do negative splits.  Not only does this help with being able to run quickly on tired legs, but it also helps pace management.

The negative split consisted of a 5:15 average outward pace and a 4:25 average inbound pace. The 5:15 was super super easy and was good as it warmed my legs, hamstrings and adductors which were sore from squats on Friday still, and the 4:25 was tough but below the treshold. The average pace was 4:45, which is somewhat off the 4:30 marathon pace. But I’m sure losing weight and the interval sessions will help with the speed!

Also, the weather was brilliant for running, if a little icy in places.  It was cool, little breeze, and no clouds in sight.  The canal looked amazing with a slight ice covering, trees lacking foliage letting the sun drift on through.  I am glad I took the sunglasses out as it was blinding in places!

So overall a good first week – looking forward to the next!

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