Nippy butt / glute / piriformis

I’m not sure what it was, the ice on the pavement changing my gait, the fast 10min threshold intervals, or just a tough session but I ended yesterday’s intervals with a nip in my backside, the right glute to be exact, and I think my piriformis.

I duly stretched the offending area with some oos and ahhs, but to no avail.  The pain is sharp rather than dull and only present when engaging the backside.  Nevertheless I managed a good interval session a solid 12kms of 3x 10min hard, 2min easy with a warm up and down bookending the session.

There was ice on the pavement, but it was sunny, a windless morning for a change. I chose to run the only bit of non stop cycle path I could get to in 10mins, which has a dog legged turn half way through.  I slipped momentarily rounding the corner on the otherwise sticky frost, it must have got more slippy when it begins to melt.  It could have been that which in my moment of steadying tweaked the core.  It could have just been fatigued from the whopping week I’ve had.  In anycase I was getting a nice shooting pain walking about.

We went for a stroll up the Pentland hills in the cool air, there, a brisk wind had picked up but the sun was still out affording views of Edinburgh and surrounds. I made a short video of how serene it was.

The butt nipped a bit, but altering my stride kept it at bay.

I was doubting whether I’d be able to get around my 2 hour run I had planned for today, and settled to see how I felt in the morning.

A nice lie in, and I stumbled downstairs for the morning coffee and staggering back up back into bed.  I realised then that I had not felt the nip and chanced that maybe it just settled overnight?

My long run was on!

I’d planned a nice circular route taking in business park, canal, motorway, old railway routes and some quiet country tracks.  The last time I’d done this very route was in July 2012 when I believe that it was a month or so after I’d damaged my ITB, that injury plagued me throughout the rest of the year and most of 2013 so I was expecting a lot from that route.  My memory of it was that I was OK until about 18kms in when the band became inflamed and I was unable to run, and so I hobbled around the rest of it.

Changing and setting the Garmin, I took to the streets, almost immediately out the door, I felt the first nip, and again on every footfall.  Should I turn back? will I warm up and thus just get on with it? I decided on the latter.

It got better, and I could bear the discomfort which sometimes went into pain, depending on the terrain or the gradient. Downhills were bad, uphills were good.

I got into my stride, the weather was pleasant and had warmed significantly overnight with no frost to be seen. The run otherwise went without hitch, though my knees and legs tired toward the end.

My glute is somewhat unhappy now that I’m back and have been sedentary on the couch for some time.  I think I’ll give it a good rest to hopefully nip it in the butt bud 🙂

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