I’ve learned my lesson and become better for it.

What a philosophical title to what is a a blog post about listening to your body and learning from past mistakes.

Week 4 long run saw me struggle through a very nippy glute – possibly the piriformis but I’m no expert. It was so nippy that it hurt to walk on it. Each step a wee spike of pain right in the butt!

I was clearly injured. Having spent a long time on the injury bench I was determined not to get back on it. I took a week off. Purposely. I cycled to work as that didn’t seem to aggravate it so I kept the fitness going. It was a tough decision at week 5 but it was the right one.

Thing is, I didn’t even worry about taking that week. I planned for this, my 16 week plan finished 6 weeks before the marathon.

So I’ve learned a lesson of not just going for it and running through nips and tugs and niggles. I stretched religiously. I kept warm and I made sure it was getting better.

I’ve also learned that this may have stemmed from not keeping up pilates it weight conditioning up so this morning I was back on the weights and Monday I was at Pilates.

I’ve stepped right back into week 6 after rounding off week 5 with a steady Saturday run and a hilly Sunday run. I don’t even care it was only 1hr and the plan said 1.5hrs.

I’m running to enjoy it and that means staying injury free! That means listening to my body and doing the right thing.


2 responses to “I’ve learned my lesson and become better for it.

  1. That’s a sure sign of growing up Glenn 😉

    I discovered that a day “compromising” the training plan is much easier to cope with than 6 weeks with my feet up!

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