Wow, what a year 2016 was

Wow, what a year 2016 was.  With all the real life things that were going on, my running and adventures seemed to be overwhelmingly successful.

Looking back is natural at this time of year and maybe I’m a little late but as I’m planning for the future I want to see what I did well, remind myself of these things so I can incorporate more into the future plans. Remind myself of what I enjoy and what I’ve done. It’s good for perspective and good for learning.


I did 1436kms Running in 2016, that’s 146hrs worth!

2000kms of Cycling, and 52853m of Swimming!

January -April

The first few months were Ultra training, and long distance running / walking adventures taking in the St Cuthberts Way, the John Muir Way and the West Highland Way.  The John Muir Ultra was a highlight for me as it was such a fantastic day, my family were there to see me and I was just in a great place, my Marathon time was great! Definitely check out the races they put on in the Winter as they are by far the most amazing trail races I’ve done!


April – July

Then I started to focus on SwimRun, how exciting was this new sport? I was very enthusiastic about becoming amphibious and running, then swimming and then running and then swimming and then.. you get the picture.  I really enjoyed the Breca SwimRun event, though it was much tougher than I had expected. Breca SwimRun do tons other events too, which i may be looking out for in 2017!


August – October

With the first half of the year over and done with my focus went awry and as I usually do after big A list events, I lose interest.  My strava runs decrease, I wouldn’t swim again for another 6 months (still not been since July!) and I would lose motivation.  Another factor in this was moving house, which took over my life around this same time. Although I did manage to Podium for the first time at the Scottish Standard Triathlon event with our team relay entry! We came 1st out of 2 teams 🙂

October – December

The latter half of this half of the year was better, a jolly out to Yorkshire for the RAB Mountain Marathon, Video still in editing stage! and then a dirty double weekend in the Lakes for the Lakeland Ultimate Trails Helvelyn and Ullswater.  I wasn’t feeling my best, but I had a great time away with likeminded mates who were all running!

Finally, in December, I took on a challenge to run at least 5km every day for the whole month, including Christmas Day.  A lot of this was on my #runcommute which takes me on a path with the most amazing views.


Other notable runs have been my run around Montserrat near Barcelona, such a magical place with some stunning trails. I would recommend travelling there if you are in Barcelona, easy to get to and really awesome place!


Well I’ve got an Ultra planned, call it stupidity, or drunkeness but I do like the sound of the adventure it will bring.  I’ll be running from Glasgow to Edinburgh which sounds great on paper, but in actual fact it follows canal all the way, so maybe mind numbingly boring. I’ll blog about preparations later.  I’m also 99% sure i will enter the City to Summit race, again an amazing sounding adventure running and cycling from Edinburgh to Ben Nevis in a day! This means back on the road bike in 2017!


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