An ode to the trail

Last night I cycled home from work and decided to run around my local nature reserve which has some awesome trails and is perched on the top of a hill with tons of variety. After not being there for a while and spending a lot of running time off trail and on road I kinda had a “moment” shall we say and I penned an ode* to the trail when I got back whislt the sweat was still dripping. Random. I know. 

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An ode to the trail. By a runner. Trails. Oh how I've missed you. How you make my heart pound with every steep incline. Your muddy surface glowing in the evening sun. Your loose rocks and gravel making every step, a step onto the unknown. Your twisty turny paths draw me further into the infatuation I have, not letting me see the whole of you, but enough to make me want to keep going, exploring. Your sudden openings of views across wide open spaces lets me know that I'm insignificant, yet immersed in this world. The boulders, crevices, roots, and fallen trees provide me the opportunity to break stride and pause for reflection as I haul myself over you. Your mud, grass, fallen twigs, broken stone, hard volcanic rock with each footstep makes a soundtrack to the adventure. Your true man made paths, desire paths and long distance ways that form part of the labyrinth that covers you, like veins or marks on a palm, dictates each visit unique and exciting. Never a same visit. Never a same route. Never a same experience. Oh trails. How I've missed you.

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*I’m not a creative writer. I’m sure my English teacher would have agreed.

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