This is a made up medical term but symptoms seem to be real.

Since getting injured this time, and probably every other time, but more so this time, I’ve been getting niggles, pains and aches almost everywhere.  Each one feels like I should be paying attention to it rather than one of those that you can just shrug off. 

I think it is the psychology of an injury whereby when you feel another ache and pain you almost think it to be worse than it actually probably is.  

For instance, my left leg has had some physio on it and my pelvis has now been aligned correctly.  Not only do I have the bruise feelings from the physio’s massage but I have aches, niggles in all sorts of different places.

  • My right knee (other leg than the injury) has a niggle in the knee cap
  • My left hip is sore – potentially due to massage
  • My lower back is aching – potentially due to pelvis alignment or swimming last night
  • My hamstring on the left leg is twinging/niggling – could be due to muscle imbalance

I could go on but it seems like I’m falling apart! 

Injuryitis could also be called hypochondria.

Nevertheless I do hope this injury will fix itself and stop causing me concern for other areas of my body!

P.s. The pink strapping is still there, still doing something, still causing people to point and stare at the Pinkness! 

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