Everything was going so well…

Knee pain! There must be a reason why I keep getting a niggle. Tho after last week’s tempo run my knee at lunch, some 6 hrs after stopping running just went with sharp stabbing pains.

After a good dose of rest til yesterday I treated myself with a ride to work which seemed to bring on some discomfort.

It’s 5 days until Aberfeldy Middle Distance and it is far from ideal.

My hypothesis is that stopping Pilates and doing weights in the past month hasn’t helped and I may be losing flexibility and strength.

Nothing I can do now but to MTFU and get on with it.

3 responses to “Everything was going so well…

  1. Hi Glenn, I’m sure you’ve seen your share of physios etc, but if not or want another opinion, I can really recommend Graham Curlewis at Physis. He’s treated many sports people (including professionals) and does triathlon himself so he understands what we’re trying to do! He is also naturally curious and likes to get to the bottom of things. I always see him when I first get any niggle that lasts more than a few weeks, and he’s helped keep me fit and on the move.

    • Hi Rosemary, Thanks for the recommendation. Yes I’ve seen a fair share of them, think I’ve been to three in Edinburgh, including the NHS! I’m getting MRI’s done at the moment so if that proves inconclusive then I may have to resort to another physio. Which location does Graham work at?

      • I think he sees people at either Craighall Road (in Trinity) or Morrison Street (near Haymarket). At least, those are the two places I’ve seen him! You can always take your MRIs along too (I’ve never had one, but know someone else who did).

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