2 weeks to go..

As I stare out to the calm Forth, I’m reminiscing about my training. It is hard to believe that I’m just two weeks from starting this adventure. From signing up about a year ago, I can’t think where that time has gone, no, what training I have done. I have trained, I have failed to train in parts. I have definitely made the most of the situation I was dealt. Carrying injury is always inevitable and I have had some foot and ankle issues that I’m still managing to this day.

But I have run. Reflection is important in learning about what you have done and where you have come from. It is important that I learn from training. Here are a few I have singled out

  1. Don’t go out too fast
  2. Take care of my feet
  3. Try to drink often and little
  4. Try to eat as much as possible
  5. Walk the ups and run when I can
  6. Stop to enjoy

I listened to a Podcast today that interviewed 2016 competitors of the Cape Wrath Ultra. I probably could have done with listening to it months ago but some words of wisdom were told.

I’m quite looking forward to the taper. Reducing mileage and reducing fatigue. I just hope I don’t gain too much weight in the process of tapering.

My training though has been fun. I have covered many miles, explored many new trails, met a few folk along the way and I have been truly blessed with some of the best weather (and I include the snow in that).

So in 2 weeks time I will have done day1 by now and hopefully still up for another run the next day, and the next and the…. x8

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