Thoughts from a tapering ultra runner…

13 days and I will be running in my first ever multistage/ multi-day run which will cover 400kms in 8 days. The Cape Wrath Ultra is a beast but an epic adventure too.

As my training subsides to the taper I am afforded the time to sit, ponder, and think. Below is a list of my current thoughts in no particular order other than the order in which I’m regurgitating them right now.

  1. What the fuck have I done
  2. What should I do on my Taper
  3. Can I just do nothing on a Taper
  4. Hmm, best not carb load just yet, I will put on weight
  5. Maybe I should put on weight if I am gonna run 400kms with daily calorie deficit
  6. Ouch, my ankle hurts, why?
  7. Ouch, my foot now hurts, why?
  8. Do I have enough chaffe free clothes
  9. Must remember to cut my hair
  10. Ouch, my arm hurts
  11. Have I got my nutrition right?
  12. I’ll be fine with the food I have, too late to change now
  13. What the fuck have I done?
  14. Wonder if my watch battery will last the whole day on the longest day
  15. Are there any shops on the route to buy more supplies
  16. Should I go for a wee run now?
  17. How do I fuel for a taper?
  18. Im hungry, lets eat
  19. I cant eat that cos I’ve not run
  20. What the fuck have I done????
  21. Will my train leave on time?
  22. Will I register on time?
  23. Did I forget to book my accommodation at the start?
  24. Will my tent buddy snore
  25. Will I be ok without my coffee in the mornings
  26. Will I like vegetarian food
  27. No point in worrying, what will be will be
  28. What the FUCK have I done

So as you can see, I have so many random thoughts and questions. I might go for a run to work them them through!

6 responses to “Thoughts from a tapering ultra runner…

  1. This made me laugh!!

    I have worked out every trick to make sure my Fenix 3 battery will last all race next weekend! (24h? More? Hopefully less, but you never know!)

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