Packing for 8 days of running

I swear I pack less when I go on holiday for 2 weeks, but I have just packed 20kgs of running stuff that I need and may need for 8 days of running.

I could have gone primal, one set of running clothes, limited hill food supplies and perhaps a toothbrush. I haven’t.  The event crew say they will transport 20kg of luggage between camps and I intend on using all those for comforts for the journey.

Deciding how much hill food I would require has been tricky.  I have enough ranging from 2200kcal to 4000kcal.  I have tuc biscuits, clif bars, sis energy bars, powder energy drink, actual pre-made meals for the longer days, and some hula hoops for some normal non sugar drink.

I probably have brought too much, but I won’t be able to replenish supplies on the route, due to lack of time and actual shops.  You see I’m running in the middle of nowhere where civilisation is restricted to some roads that eventually lead to a village or town.  In the Scottish Highlands, villages could just be two houses, and may not have a shop.  My research tells me that there are 2 shops in the whole route that are accessible by the route, but with 200 competitors who also may have the same idea, I am taking no chances.

Clothes: I have a change of clothes, but I also have my favourites.  Undercrackers that I know keep my boys chafe free.  Baselayer tops that I know keep sweat away and keep my jiggly belly in check. I have 6 pairs of socks. I may need more. I think socks are essential to get right. I have chosen 2 shorts, Salomon Twin Skin and Inov8s.  I have 5 buffs, 2 wrist bands for sweat and snot reasons, and I have gators to keep the heather, bog, and stones out of my shoes.

Shoes:  I have chosen my Inov8 Mudclaws from the POV that they are trusty and I love them.  I also have my Inov8 roclites for the longer days on more tougher ground for their cushioning.  I have decided to keep the Inov8 X – Claws at home.  They are the newer pair, but I just haven’t had good experiences of them yet.  I don’t know if it is the shoes, or if I just haven’t had the experience in them to trust them.  The inov8 mudclaws are 3/4 years old and I am not sure if the uppers are going to last a whole 8 days, but maybe they will! I don’t have any space for any more so, 2 pairs are gonna have to do.

Camp stuff: Sleeping bag, sleeping mat, sleeping pillow, camp clothes, midge net, and some home comfort camp food.

I also have the mandatory equipment for eating, and first aid/ blister treatment as well as spare head torch and toiletries.

I also have a portable charging pack so that I can recharge my watch, phone and GoPro. Yes I will be go-proing.

20kgs of stuff.

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