Confidence broken

And just as the world was looking up and I wrote a blog about confidence I only go and get injurated*. 😦

*new word

I slipped on a paving stone and fell to my knee. This didn’t seem bad at the time. Just a wet knee and dented ego. The run home that evening was a different story. By 10km the outside of my calf was sore and I was altering my gait to compensate.

By 15km I’d decided to walk. I caught the bus home. Broken as deflated I nursed the injury. I couldn’t straighten my leg. The pain quite acutely sore here

Cue google searches and chats with my running friends and also one studying sports science and physio. I’m on day 4 now. The pain has eased. I’m wearing calf guards daily. I’m not running. I’m booked into physio tomorrow to get some more tips (there’s only so much I can get diagnosed over internet and talking).

Confidence shattered though ever hopeful.

Ultra is in less than 7weeks. Eek!

3 responses to “Confidence broken

  1. 7 weeks is time enough to get treatment and sorted petal. Keep your chin in the up position. You have been here before and still completed your challenge. You will this one too.

  2. Given it is directly linked to a fall which didn’t hurt immediately, it sounds to me (as a highly unqualified expert!) like an acute injury which will heal quickly … give it 10 days! What did physio say?

  3. Hope you heal quickly and remember ultras are 50% or more mindset. I’m sure you have a good base and a week off won’t impact in the big scheme of things.

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