I am not superhuman

Some more musings of a tapering ultra runner…

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. But I am just like you. I am not different and don’t have any natural ability. I have run for the good part of 10 years. In that time I have struggled through running a sub 40min 5 km to burning out on a marathon to achieving Ironman status and then more latterly Pegging Ultra Runner to my credentials.

I am not superhuman. I am just like you. I have trained and run and prepared but you could also do this too.

I have not done any multi stage runs of this nature before, I’m running 8 days in a row for 400kms and I think I can do this, I have the belief. I am getting the words, Nuts, Mental, crazy, why, Thrown at me. For good reason. It is what people say when they don’t understand. But let me tell you that it isn’t about how fast you do it, but it is about just doing it. There are folk who do run it all, faster than me. I won’t be running all the way. I will take a few breaks, a few walks up hills and a few crying / tantrum moments. But I will get through it. And you could too.

I don’t posses something you don’t have. I am human. Slightly overweight, mid 30s, and just enjoy being outside. I do enjoy people calling me mental and doing something that people call extraordinary. To be honest, gaining kudos is one of the reasons why I do it. To feel different. To feel like I can do anything I put my mind to. But the secret is, you can do it too. Whether you want to is a different question.

In some ways, why I do it, is affirmation of my ability, finding a limit, pushing my pain barrier and breaking those stereotypes that often befall people like me, breaking those heteronormative views .

This guy can. (Or certainly will give a bloody good try to).

Just remember, you can do it too. Just prepare.

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