Remembering the running tricks

I’ve become a sloppy runner. I don’t know if others who run ultras get like this or if it is just me but I don’t really have a training plan, nor do I try to fit in runs. I run occasionally during the week but long at the weekends with no set distance. Perhaps because I’m running long I feel there is no need to do short runs during the week. After all, work is busy and I rarely get chance.

However this needs to change. I’ve not been running long at weekends and thus I need to try to find time to run during the week. I’ve also become extremely busy at work and finding time is now difficult. But I’ve been here before. I know how to train and fit runs in. I just need to remember what I used to do…

1. run in the morning before work can take over the day

2. Use commutes to get a run in by running to work. It’s a good way to make sure you run

3. Take kit away with work trips and make sure you’re up early enough to run (same applies to No2).

4. Run home from airports, train stations or get off the bus a bit early.

5. Walk. Walking helped my ultras massively. Walk everywhere and make time for it.

6. Get a running pack so you can carry work stuff and run.

7. Commit to 2-3 runs mid week. Short but consistent.

That’s what I aim to do!

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